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Welcome Friends,

We depart SoCal Friday late afternoon from our pick up and drop off locations below and return to SoCal Sunday evening. When you book your seats please select your Friday departure date and pick up location.

We depart Friday from Pasadena at 5:35 pm, Santa Clarita at 6:00 pm, Palmdale at 7:35 pm and arrive in Mammoth Village at 11:30 pm. On Sundays we leave Mammoth Village for SoCal at 4:30 pm, arrive in Palmdale at 8:30 pm, Santa Clarita at 10:05 pm, Pasadena at 10:30 pm. See our pick up and drop off locations page for details.

Boarding Instructions

The following instruction will allow us to have a smooth and efficient “on time” boarding process.

Each passenger is allowed to check one ski/board and boots with one piece of luggage. While we make every effort to load luggage and equipment with care we recommend Travel Insurance be obtained with equipment damage coverage.

Following are the current pick up and drop off locations for SoCal advance ticket purchasers (if there are no advance ticket purchasers for a particular stop we will not stop at that location and will proceed to the next location that does have advance ticket purchasers). We recommend you arrive to your location early enough to park, unload and walk to the staging area ready to board on time with your ID and ticket paperwork out. We will make every effort to arrive at each location on time. Once at a location we want to quickly “board and go”  without delay.  So, out of respect for all passengers we will not be able to hold the bus. If you are late you should go to the next or last pick up spot.

Mammoth Village is our current drop off and pick up location at Mammoth Mountain. Both Mammoth Properties and Mammoth Reservations Bureau have courtesy shuttles available to pick up guests staying with them and take them to their lodging. Guests do need to let them know of your arrival and make arrangements with them ahead of time for this. For those staying at other properties without shuttles there are local taxis which should be arranged ahead of time as well.

Enjoy your ride!


Park & Ride Pasadena

Free Park & Ride
Boarding: 5:30 pm Fridays
Departure: 5:35 pm Fridays


Santa Clarita Free Park & Ride Boarding: 5:55 pm Fridays Departure: 6:00 pm Fridays

Santa Clarita
Free Park & Ride
Boarding: 5:55 pm Fridays
Departure: 6:00 pm Fridays


Palmdale Free Park & Ride

Free Park & Ride
Boarding: 7:30 pm Fridays
Departure: 7:35 pm Fridays

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