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SoCal to Mammoth on a Private Luxury Charter Bus

Hello Friends,

MAMMOTH has amazing snow conditions and we are looking to schedule trips as soon as the road conditions allow.

Please continue to check back for our schedule.



Schedule (traffic and weather permitting – times are estimated)

On the weekends we run we depart Friday from Fullerton at 4:25 pm, Redondo Beach at 5:00 pm, Van Nuys at 5:35 pm, Santa Clarita at 6:00 pm, Palmdale at 6:35 pm and arrive in Mammoth Village at 10:30 pm. On Sundays we leave Mammoth Village for SoCal at 4:30 pm, arrive in Palmdale at 8:15 pm, Santa Clarita at 8:50 pm, Van Nuys at 9:15 pm, Redondo Beach at 10:00 pm and Fullerton at 10:30 pm. See our pick up and drop off locations page for details.

Private Groups
Our luxury coaches are also available for private group charters. Contact us to arrange a quote.


You work hard during the week and want to relax, decompress and have fun over the weekend.  Let’s face it, you put up with the stress and tension of driving up Hwy 395 for the weekend only because there were no other real options (or you happen to own a Ferrari and don’t care).

I’ve taken more trips up and down Hwy 395 than I care to count often fighting blinding headlights in the rain at night with my three children in the car with no choice but to push on past my own exhaustion.


Mammoth is EPIC!  The staff are great, the town is great, the runs are great. Hit it on a powder day and you may not want to come back home!

But home I had to come back to for the children’s school and my work.  Flying was not available until recently. And now that flights are available you will be hard pressed to find a flight that will allow you to get two full weekend days on the slopes and still put in a full week of work or school.  Also, between the time in the airport making new friends with TSA pat downs, flight times and layovers, your comparative travel time will be very similar.

Instead, now you have the option to enjoy the relaxing ride on a private luxury charter bus in reclining seats. We stow your boots and equipment and on the weekends we run we leave Friday late afternoon/early evenings from SoCal and arrive in Mammoth Village around 10:30 pm. From there you can take a shuttle or taxi to your lodging (lodging and lift tickets are not included). After two fun-filled days on the mountain look forward to a long peaceful nap rather than a long tiring drive home. We leave Mammoth for SoCal Sundays after the mountain closes.

We look forward to being of service!

Warm regards,




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